Do you think learning is happy?

Not always.

Learning is a beautiful process and you are all the more richer for it but it can be terribly traumatic if you cannot learn in the traditional ways or fit into that framework.

For example, you could be a visual, tactile, kinaesthetic or auditory learner and therefore may not be able to adequately learn or function in specific environments with specific methods.

I love to learn, but I have not had a good time throughout my education, even resulting in being kicked out of university for bad grades which has taken me a long time to rectify.

If I had been aware of the kind of learner I was and not tried to reduce myself to listening to lectures I could have maybe avoided that. If the academic structures were more accommodating to students who struggled with traditional methods and modes of learning, learning could be a much happier and exciting process for them.

I wish that I had learnt this way earlier instead of being told that school "just wasn't for me" and I just couldn't cope with university level. Because when you realize you have alternative strengths in the learning process that may not be visible or significant for the majority, you empower yourself and learning becomes the best damn experience in the world.

Yes, most of the time. Actually I really believe in this quote "Learning is the real Happiness" and follow the same as well. I am a person who loves learning new things, whatever it is..either a small word, a simple game, driving, cooking, swimming or whatever it is. If I learn something, I feel happy, satisfied and positive. Just to let u know guys, my recent chapter of learning is "DRIVING".

Yes....Learning is happy always but we will not understand and indulge the happiness when we learning mostly. Go to your mail box open a mail u wrote 5 years back.You can find so many grammatical and face palm mistakes. When you seeing that you can realize that how much weak we were there at time and now we learnt how much....

Really it will bring out a smile and happiness...isn't it?..

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