Do you think life is beautiful? Why or why not?

God has created this world! He has also created the beautiful mountains, streams, oceans, rivers, animals, birds, flowers and also thought of you to be the part of it!

Ever noticed that why you have been choosen to be there in this beautiful world? Life is very beautiful within all aspects of culture, all aspects of love, all aspects of moments, all aspects of knowledge, all aspects of exploring everything.

We should make use of the opportunites come across, as it is said before Opportunity knocks the door only once! Life is here to get fame and be well known. Life is to make others happy and get double joy out of it, yeah it makes life beautiful

Now, you may think that your life is beautiful, no doubt but what of others who lack behind in everything, they lack in look, they lack in richness, they lack in figure, they lack in fame. But I wanna mention that whatever the condition may, karma let do his work and we shouldn't forget that there's some intention behind everything which happens all around. Many famous super stars are from financially backward class, but still their outmost efforts bring them up! Not every star is poor but there are many celebraties who have a famous background!

Hence life isn't only to work for others but the chance to get up and tell the world that now I've born, let what the circumstances be I am here to change the History, to change the world, to change the records from the books! Life is a famous game, not to be played but a reality to be experienced!

That's it!!!

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