Do you think life is more beautiful than it is ugly?

Life can be beautiful or ugly, depending on the perspective you are coming from. Considering your choice of wording in setting up the question, I presumed you will like to think life is more beautiful than it is ugly. Of course life can be cruel. Earth is not exactly the best place to live as it is full of sufferings and ugliness. But I find this one trait particularly helpful to bring my perspective back in line whenever I swerve away from the thought of the life being beautiful:


Yes, by practicing even 1 minute of being thankful every day, you will see life unfold more beautifully as you carry out your daily works. Being thankful for everything that has happened, either to mold you into becoming a better person or to teach you a precious lesson. Being thankful for all the possessions you have acquired, count your blessings, even the fact you managed to wake up this morning and breathe well.

You will start seeing life a little differently.

Are you bisexual?

Surprise people, yes I am.I don't want to go too far into this because my friends are sure to see this. If so, hi there. Please don't bring any more stress onto me and my life.It started in the 2017–18 school year. I was having

What are the best foods to eat before going to gym for the first time ever?

Depends on your goals. I would say either way don't eat heavy and only about 45 min before you go..kinda like swimming. But if you're looking for strength and muscle mass you'll want higher carbs for energy,and protein for growth and recoup..i can't remember where you want your healthy fats. But if you're going for fat loss you probably

If one person from a polygamous marriage gets a divorce, is it still a divorce if the two others remain together?

Are you talking about a country where polygamy is legal and covered by the laws of that country, or are you talking about a country where two people are legally married and any other people just live with the couple?If you are in a country where polygamy is illegal, there is only one marriage, and everyone else is a