Do you think that SEO will be that important 5 years from now?

I believe that SEO will still be important in the next 5 years or even in the next 10 years. The rumors on SEO's death has been always speculated. SEO is still alive and this time, more challenging and strategic.

SEO is not dead and it will not be. However, it continues to evolve and update according to the present landscape of the internet. The SEO we used to know 5 years ago is not the same as to what we do now and definitely will not be the same in the next 5 years.

So will you cope up?

Content is still the king. Google wants you to focus on the things that users would want to know - not to the things that has been in existence Jurassic years ago. The more unique content you have, the more chance of getting on top. But quality content is not the sole strategy which you need to focus with. You must also include SEM in you arsenal of strategies.

Just like in everything else, change is the only constant thing in the world on online marketing. If you fail to cope up will the changes, then your strategies will die but the industry of SEO will still be alive and kicking.

Source: SEO is still Alive! It's More Strategic
SEO will be important, however it has and will continue to change dramatically.  Today, building a social graph is much more important than building links and that is where the game is going.  The key to being successful at SEO is to realize that social media comes before SEO and you cannot have one without the other.

In the future SEO will look like this (This is the model I already follow when doing SEO for my clients)

1. Build a social graph
2. Provide good content
3. Let links happen naturally

It is still worth doing some link building such as blog commenting, answering questions and getting featured on blogs, but this will all come naturally once you have a strong social graph and provide that social graph with high quality content. Apply this method and you will be successful and never get penalized by Google.

- Milo @ Digital Outsourcing Services Made Simple

The term "SEO" might get outmoded, but the principles around it will stay strong and viable as long as people see websites as a marketing avenue.

SEO has helped us in improving so many facets of digital marketing. From creating design to promoting it online, it has set the benchmark on how to build a better online presence.

Naturally, SEO will get only better in the upcoming years.
Traditional link building is sinking and will die after a year only. Change your field if you are unable to do content markting
Perhaps the term SEO is outdated and may well be replaced by another term but as long as websites exist (and I don't believe that will change any time soon) they will need to be developed so they have the best possible chance of being found in search. There is much misinformation around, including the misinformation spread by Google themselves, and the over hype of content marketing but SEO (or whatever it is called in future) will stay.
Yes, SEO will never die until we stop using internet and Search engines, may be the strategies will change.
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