Do you think that in 2027 technology will be jaw dropping?

Thanks for your request.

I think technology will continue to astound us and it will

continue to disrupt society. I think society will be completely different

10 years from now. The cars will be driverless and we will have to be

protected from cyber criminals. Some people will probably have digital

implants in their bodies. I think a lot of things people do for work will be

done by A.I.

That said, I think this all depends on our willingness to not destroy

ourselves militarily over the next few years. The Pentagon is created

a war algorithm. The Chinese and the Russians are most likely working on

their own version. I'm not keeping hope alive. Man is self-destructive to the


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We adjust almost instantly to new technologies, quickly seeing them as the new ‘normal'.

I can remember arguing with a colleague in 2003. I believed that PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants), portable media players and mobile phones would all converge into a single device in the near future. My colleague (Hi, Abe!) vehemently disagreed.

He was wrong. So was I. (Digital camera! D'OH!)

Point is, current mobile phones are not now considered jaw-dropping; they're just a fact of life.

Do I think the technology a decade from now will be pretty much unimaginable? Yeah, pretty much.

Corey Doctorow has been thinking about it a lot. Check out Walkaway.

Does your father think that smartphones are jaw dropping?

Does your jaw drop when you upload a picture to the cloud?

We are living the technology advance and we are evolving with it. The changes are introduced in our lives in a very fluid way, without abrupt interruptions. It shall be a jaw dropping to someone who hasn't seen those changes for about 7–10 years. Unless you live isolated the next decade, you will not feel that way in 2027.

Changes are usually gradual.

If you compare 2017 with 2000, then YES.

It was a transition from Landlines to Dumb-bell sized mobile phones, feature phones, color phones, camera phones, touch , internet, so-on. Nothing came overnight.

Similarly, whatever you are expecting in 2027 might be a Jaw dropping dream at this point of time. But we would get there in a phased manner.

If you were to fall asleep, Rip-Van-Winkle-style and wake up in 2027 yes...but if you approach 2027 from 2026 and 2026 from 2025 and so forth, then's just seem normal.

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