Do you think the Avengers could lose again in Avengers 4?

No. Oh it is not out of the question. Let's face it these movies make money so no doubt their is some guy that went um how do we make more money.

It would really be a slap in the face to everyone that invested their time and money over these ten years.

At this point the marvel universe is at its hight all these new heroes and even managed to survive a civil war. Snap of the fingers it is all gone only leaving the original avengers left. The next film is the classic underdog story.

I swear to god I hope time travel is not used! It is fucking lazy writing. Dr who gets away with it and funny enough it not really used to resolve an episode. When they do it, it feel cheap and lazy.

Black widow and hawkeye are going to skulls that is my theory.

No...but also yes.

This is the grand finale for all of the original avengers. Many of which are possibly going to perish in one form or another as a sacrifice to bring back the dusted ones and defeat Thanos, or whoever the big bad for A4 would be. Heck this movie is going to end on a high note, for sure. So, to answer your questions, no, the avengers will not lose again simply based on common sense.

But to win they can and might lose a lot. Just imagine this conversation.

  • - Did we win?
  • - Yes
  • - At what cost? / But what did we lose?

Do you call that a win or a lose? You won the war, but you lost your mentor, people you look up to, you best friend, you teammate, those whom you you call that a win or a lose?

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