Do you think the SCP Foundation should be made into a series?

While there are some excellent serialized tales within the wiki, overall I don't think the universe lends itself to a traditional TV series format. It's not that you couldn't make one, it's just that it would capture just a very tiny portion of what it all entails and lose quite a bit of the charm.

The thing about the Foundationverse is that it's massive and quite a bit of it is eldritch beyond any comprehension. Some SCP objects can be effectively contained, but for many others "containment" by the Foundation and other groups is merely an attenuation. The world somehow holds itself up in spite (and sometimes because) of so many forces beyond what we consider normal fighting within it.

Maybe an anthology could work, but that would still have limitations. There are mountains of lore which would feel like a clumsy info dump in an acted context, as opposed to the usual report format the mainlist objects use.

Why don't atheists and theists believe in all Gods?

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Which is the better place to live: Canada or the USA?

Canada. The US spends a huge amount on National Defense, Canada spends that money on healthcare and education. The dominant social characteristic people mock in Canadians? they're too nice... you can't be too nice, that's ridiculous.

Did Mohammed say he was taken up the third heaven for a conversation with god?

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