Do you truely believe that there is a support to aliens by Nasa?

Well I am little confused by the wording of the question. Does Alien life support NASA? Or does NASA support alien life? In either case the Answer is a resounding NO!
As far as space research goes, NASA does a lot of near earth science using satellite imagery monitoring various changes in climate, sea level and  other natural phenomena ......and of course the ISS with  onboard life science experiments which by the way we can't even get to without a Russian Taxi.

In their solar system exploration, primarily using unmaned vehicles, the only aliens they are currently looking for are microbes or their fossils that may have existed millions of years ago especially on the the surface of Mars. Plans are underway to look for possible basic life forms beneath the frozen surface of Europa and other moons of solar system planets. But in no way are they using their meager budget on wild chases for human like extraterrestrials.

The currently planned  manned Mars mission is years away and definitely underfunded and will only happen in our lifetimes if an other major nation undertakes a similiar mission. The SLS system is still on the drawing board. The proposed manned capsule is still in the Prototype test phase with funding only for a trip around the moon and a possible near            earth rendezvous with an asteroid.

As far as deep space exploration, NASA strictly uses the electromagnetic spectrum to explore the origins of of the Universe with instruments like Hubble and soon to be launched Webb telescope. Additionally, they monitor near space for large "falling objects" that may be on a collision course with earth. And if anyone thinks the public relations hype about encoded messages on deep space probes, well you have about 25, ooo light years to get a possible response.

May I suggest you look at or or other half a million web sites to find out just what NASA actually does on such a limited budget.
Heard about Area 51?

Why would you put a disk on Voyager mission with all the languages on earth broadcasting it out in space if you didn't believe in aliens?
Absolutely not.

NASA is a science organization, not science fiction organization. I wonder why people ask this question over and over and over again, instead of going to the NASA website and see for themselves what NASA does do.
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