Do you use more calories lifting a 100 lb weight 30 times or a 30 lb weight, 100 times?

In general, lifting more weight less times will burn more calories. This is a general rule and possibly what you are looking for.

As mentioned by Robson Redding , there is residual calorie burn that happens outside of the work that was mentioned in yet another answer.

You will burn calories DURING your workout. You can talk about what burns more calories during this workout time. Depending on your muscle mass, metabolism, size, time of day, etc... Your calorie burn will vary. I don't know what burns more calories DURING a workout, my guess is cardio does (low weight hi reps). But the topic isn't that useful if we are talking about total calorie burn. Your workout calories will make up a small portion of that if you are maximizing calorie burn. Resistance training, or HIGH WEIGHT low rep training will have a very large residual calorie burn time frame. This is an arbitrary graph I cooked up but it's something like this over a 24-hour period with a 2 hour workout of cardio (low weight) in blue vs. resistance training (highweight) in orange.

If my muscles aren't sore after a workout, should I be working harder?

Like others have said, muscle soreness is not an indication of a good workout. All muscle soreness indicates is that you're not training that particular muscle/muscle group frequently enough.If you train each muscle group at least once a week, your muscles will stop feeling sore, and this is in no way a bad thing.

Can I trade in the Olymp Trade from any continent?

No, you cannot. In some countries, Olymp Trade Company does not do business in the following countries and does not provide services to persons associated with those states: Gibraltar, the Isle of man, Guernsey, Jersey, Australia, Canada, the United States, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus,

What are the best romantic scenes in movies?

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