Do you want to make the world a better place?

Short answer - Yes.  In the meantime I have to live in the world as it is.

One of the classic problems with this sort of question is that different people will have different concepts of how the world should be 'better' and what the best path to getting to that 'better place' is.

Having considered this problem for many years I have concluded that there is the 'retail' method, which involves doing what you can for that which you can afford to affect and spread your views to those around you.  Then there is the 'wholesale' method which means to have large scale affect on the world.  This requires much more 'leverage' (usually money, though political or fame power can help).  Even the best ideas (and yes, I have a few) cost money to make real.

Many people seek to change the world through the collective efforts of like minded people, this becomes their leverage, both in political power, the resources of that many people including money, can also help produce more leverage.

I know there are many people who view the world as being pretty much perfect or with only minor tweaks needed or with the changes needed considered to be far beyond what they could influence.  I view the world as having multiple crisis with even more on the near horizon and all the problems being solvable (or at least manageable) with sufficiently innovative and bold thinking (and some leverage).
Why is the Democratic Party so divided? The Republican Party consists of only conservatives while the Democratic Party consists of progressives, socialists, leftists, the Green Party, etc. Why can't the Democratic Party stick to being liberal?

You forgot about the Nazis, the libertarians, the Tea Party and the KKK?Seriously though, if you mean fiscally responsible types, doesn't the fact that Reagan, Bush Jr and now Trump have been throwing money around like drunken sailors on shore leave, racking up a huge national debt,

I don't feel sore after a workout. Am I doing weight training correctly?

Hi  Adrian, Too often people think soreness is an indicator of success after they felt they had a great workout. It is actually the opposite.If you are conditioned and have been consistently using resistance training then you might not get that first initial

What should I do when my girlfriend becomes angry with me?

What should she do when you become angry at her? Treat her the way you would like to be treated.some suggestions would be:listen to herrepeat her points back so that she knows you're listeningIf you have rebuttals, I would suggest attacking the behavior you dislike rather than her or her character. Something along the lines of