Do you watch your weight? What foods do you think are healthy?

I practice what I preach! Being a dietitan, if I am not having a healthy weight, I cannot ask my patients to maintain weight.

Many of my patients used to request me "madam please give us your daily diet plan, we want that so that we can be like"!

My veiw on healthy foods- all natural foods and dishes made from them without too much of oil, salt and sugar are in general are healthy foods.

I think our " health conscious ancient Indians" had fried foods and sweets reserved for festivals and celebrations obly. But now with many people celebrating everyday and evey meal has made their daily diet a mess and its impact on their health shows on bulging waist!

What are some fashion tips for middle-aged men?

Don't try to look young, as maturity has a different charm and sophistication.The level of formality in the outfit should be a notch higher than your juniors. Color combinations with a high level of contrast, firm fabrics which do not cling to the body look good.Avoid trends such as red shoes, sockless sneakers, fancy

Can you share a simple keto meal plan for a beginner?

Here's some example Keto Meal Plans to get you started:Fam Keto Meal Hero : Generates a FREE, customized Keto meal plan based on your taste preferences. This is from creator of Fam: Coach-led, Group Keto Programs.

As a parent, do you struggle to tell your children no?

Perhaps this makes me the odd one out, but I didn't really struggle with this at all. I began having children in my thirties, and I already had more than a decade of working with young children, I also feel that I had