Do you workout every day?

How often should you work out each week?

As you can imagine, there's no simple formula that's right for everyone. So if you're wondering, "how many days a week should I work out?," that answer might be totally different than, say, your BFF or your coworker. (Come on, you didn't really think the answer would be that easy, did you?) If you're looking to amp up your fitness level, your magic number of days depends on how active you already are. For example, you'll probably see results from one day a week if you don't already work out at all, Tamir says. But if you're used to multiple workout days a week, one day probably won't challenge your body enough to stay at peak form or make progress.

What should each day of working out look like?

Remember, it's important to be realistic about your own schedule when you're asking yourself, "how many times a week should I work out?" If four days makes more sense for you than five days, do that. But if five days is reasonable, great!

Strength Training: 2–3 Times per Week

Cardio: 2–3 Times per Week

Rest Days: 2 Times per Week

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What is the best type of fitness class for someone with injuries?

It depends on the injuries, obviously.Even then, I'd suggest yoga or pilates, both of which will encourage you to build up your core first, which is often the cause of muscular injuries.Always speak to the instructor beforehand if you have injuries.If they know what they're