Doctors: What are some tricks that can make doctor's life easy?

i totally disagree with first answer,
feel thy pain, it sounds so dramatic and novelish.yet totally un practical.
the more you feel the pain the more your life is difficult with every patient care. Follow the health care code and conduct. you wil remain happy, contended and satisfied.
few specialities are really depressing ,like critical care where feel thy pain and you wil hang yrself in 1 week.
try to empathize ,yet control yr emotions.dont mix yr emotions with work.
few tips i have learn in a decade.
1. assistant is an unimaginable blessing,the more u teach him the comfy u ll be.
2.dont give yr cell numbr ,no matter what.period.
3.time for yr family., eat go out ,celebrate lime human being.
4.dont be greedy , be generous but avoid showing it off.
5.publish, publish ,and publish ,and make an intention tht yr paper is a drop in ocean to make a world a better place. polite ,period . No excuses.
7.7 hr sleep,jog , fruits and play some sports.
My husband keeps account of my credit card bills he paid and asks me to pay back. I am unemployed. So how do you handle this situation?

Did you have any kind of agreement before getting married about how to handle finances and debt? If you did, and you agreed to share it, you should remind him of this. Even if not, his behavior is sounds kind of jerk-ish here. I suggest you have a serious talk about how you will handle finances in your

What are the top three recording studios of all time in terms of having sold the most songs?

I don't have sales stats so this is more rambling about famous studios than sales charts, but top of mind is Abbey Road studios in England. Not only did the Beatles record many of their best songs there, many other groups did also. Major record companies have their own in-house studios (Columbia Records, Capital Records,

Is interracial dating and marriage common in Denmark?

Denmark is a very small, homogeneous country where all are more or less related. More than 90% of the population is ethnically Danish. To have interracial dating and marriage, you need you need more people who are not the same.We do