Does Apple have more money than the US government?

The world's most valuable company is holding more cash than the world's largest sovereign government and whats more amusing is that it's well over 3 times as much as UK's government.The United States is currently spending around $200bn more than it collects in revenue every month.Apple, on the other hand, is making money hand over fist, according to its financial results.

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Apple : holding more cash than US goverment

What current technology or science is closely related to how humans will one day perform intergalactic space travel?

That kind of travel will require physics we do not believe is possible in the present physical universe. So I would say anywhere giant physics projects are happening.CERN, Stamford, MIT or any MAJOR physics universities.You will be looking for super advanced theoretical physics I would assume. We would undoubtedly need ultra specialized materials, so any of

What was the last achievement of human evolution we can easily notice?

It appears that the blue receptors in the retina are diverging into two different versions with slightly different sensitivities, controlled by slightly different genes. If someone has one copy of each gene, the have both versions in their eyes, and can distinguish shades of blue that

What is one cooking tip that has literally changed your life?

Discovering the value of cast-iron skillets. It is somewhat of an art in itself, but once you master it, the cast-iron skillet will be your most useful pan. This morning, for example, I used my larger skillet to fry bacon, and then I sauteed asparagus and fresh corn in a small bit of bacon grease. In my smaller pan,