Does Aura really exists even after death?

Every being in mother nature is made out of 5 elements and so is the human, all different kinds of energies in physicality are due to a combination of 5 elements and so is every human body, 2 different forms of energies works in this case which is aura as well as magnetic energy(different kind of energies exists too),after the soul has skipped out of the body ,the aura and the soul still remains attached to the body as the 5 elements are not yet detached from each other because of which the body still exists ,though with time the aura gets weaker but is still attached, the attachment of the aura is due to the magnetic pull of the soul and the body towards each other as magnetic energy's existence in physicality is due to the combination of five elements especially one of the element ie. fire, though the body becomes cold but still does not reach such kind of temperature that we can say that the element ie. fire is totally vanished and if the fire and the other four elements stay together then the magnetic pull of the soul and the body will exist , if the magnetic pull of the soul and the body still exists then the aura still exists around the body, one more main reason because of which the magnetic energy still exists in the body is due to the iron in the body as iron contains magnetic energy in it,this is the main reason in indian mythology that the body is burnt and then the ashes is poured into the water so that the 5 elements are detached from each other and returned to the 5 elements of nature so that the soul and the aura can detach from the body due to lac of magnetic pull in between soul and the body , hence the soul and the aura can find the next body attachment.

please read this about the detachment of the 5 five elements from each other

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It is part of pseudo science.

Scientifically, human body consists of different energies. Heat is predominant and can be captured through scientific ways.

Is heat wave being shown as Aura, I don't know. This should be explained by science. Heat doesn't disappear all of sudden but slowly transmits. After death human body won't generate heat. Not sure if decomposition can generate heat. So, on death heat slowly disappears .

One who is talking about Aura should confirm if Aura can be captured if body is immedaitely frozen after death?

As per religious belief, we have only soul. Never heard if aura. But is also said that good souls carry their waves for long distance. Their presence can be felt around where they live. Is this Aura, I don't know.

Well I know I didn't answer your question. But want to add things I know that may help you figure it out.

No. Only living energies have an aura. Even in inactive or inertial state. After death no aura exists. But a person who is having death nearer or going to die have different aura, almost white. But saints also have the white aura. So competent people only can give correct knowledge.

By seeing that aura, concerned knowledged persons will tell in how many days he is going to die.

What I gave is just information.

  1. Many researches confirmed their existence.
  2. Visit this site: Dr. Ian Stevenson's Reincarnation Research

Yes, according to most of the recent Researchers, it does.

Actually that is why some people say that they can estimate someone's death by analyzing their Aura.

The Aura of a living person in positive and negative after his death. So by analyzing the strength of positivity in Aura can roughly give us an idea of the time when his Aura will become negative, i.e. their Death.

No, Aura is science fiction and does not exist during human life and/or beyond death.

It's another cool term invented by psychic scammers to scare and scam money out of people.

Aura (paranormal) - Wikipedia

Read the first two paragraphs of this wiki and you won't have anymore doubts.

P.S. The 2 paras are pretty small so you won't be bored reading them. Good luck.

Every living being in the cosmos does have energy enveloped with Auras. While the same entity dies, in fact the process of shedding its body only happens where as the aura with its energy certainly remains.

Thanks for asking.

Electrical body goes with the soul. So Auro will not exists around your body after you go somewhere else.

For more reference you can study book.

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