Does Follicle RX really work for hair growth?

FollicleRx – Best Solution for Improving Hair Fall in Men

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Everyone wants to have healthy and good-looking hair. Just like other parts of the body, hair also needs nutrition. Therefore, our diet can have a significant impact on the hair condition. Unfortunately, we often don't focus on healthy diets and poor hair has now become a part of multiple other bad health conditions due to the same reason.

Apart from lack of nutrition, hair can also be damaged due to external threats. We are continuously exposed to polluted environments, intense UV rays from the sun, and the various cosmetic products (shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and gels, etc.) we use. In some cases, hair loss can be a genetic condition as well.

Hair Loss in Men

While we know plenty of hair issues among women, hair loss in men not uncommon either. Men can suffer from hair loss due to many reasons but genetic condition is quite well-known.

Due to this genetic hair condition in men, some areas of the scalp become sensitive to androgen; the male sex hormones. The hormones circulate in the blood and cause the hair follicles to shrink. As time passes, the follicles will become so small that no new hair will grow in place of the lost one. The follicles will stay alive but fail to do their function anymore. As a result, what starts as a receding hairline become a bald spot on the top of the head. This condition is quite common in men between the ages of 20 and 30.

What Solutions do Men use?

There are 2 common hair loss treatments used by men. One is Minoxidil Lotion and the other is Finasteride. The first is available over the counter but the latter needs a prescription. While the treatments do work for many men, the effects are gone almost immediately after the medications are stopped.

FollicleRx Hair Loss Treatment for Men

If you are tired of the failing hair loss treatments, then it is time to use something new. The FollicleRx hair loss treatment for men is an intelligent combination of ingredients that help not only to reduce hair loss but actively promote growth of new hair.

The FollicleRx treatment helps in 4 ways:


Repairing damaged hair


Slow down hair loss


Promote hair thickness and strength


Promote growth of new hair

Given how common the genetic condition for hair loss is in men, it is highly recommendable to monitor your hair condition. The problem starts as early as in the 20s but most men don't identify until 50% of the hair are gone.

If you have already lost a significant part of your hair or have caught on with the androgen problem early, FollicleRx can help you immensely. You start now and experience positive results within 4 months of use. The product comes in the form of capsules.

How Does the FollicleRx Hair Treatment Work?

The FollicleRx hair treatment may take at least 4 months after first use to show results. Don't be disappointed by the long wait because no treatment can work wonders overnight. However, you will experience evident growth of new hair after 4 months.

First Few Weeks After First Use

Ironically, the first change will be more hair loss. But this actually a sign that the treatment has begun its work. It is a natural process, which means that the hair regrowth cycle has begun.

Old Hair Falling Out

As you continue the use of the FollicleRx capsules, you will notice that the old hair has started to fall out. This happens because the new hair needs space to grow.

Early Signs of Hair Growth

You will experience an early hair regrowth after intake of the capsules for 4 weeks. This hair regrowth is quite similar to peach fuzz. It will be soft and colorless. This is a significant sign that the FollicleRx treatment is working for you.

Effects after Continued Use Over 4 Months

After the first 4 months, the FollicleRx capsules will promote the growth of new hair. This growth will have the same color and thickness as the existing hair. To maintain the results and maximize the effects of the capsules, keep taking the capsules.

How to Use?

The FollicleRx hair loss treatment for men is not complicated at all. You don't have to apply any solution on your scalp or hair. You don't have to sit for hours and wash out any specialized hair product. All you need is to take the capsules. This greatly saves your energy and time. It is quite similar to how we take supplements.

FollicleRx Ingredients

The FollicleRx hair loss treatment combines 4 active ingredients that can do wonders for hair regrowth. Here are the 4 ingredients used in the capsules:


Biotin is also referred to as vitamin H or B7. It is also part of the fatty acid synthesis. The function of the Biotin is to increase cell growth. In hair loss treatment, this ingredient helps the hair follicles restore their ability to function properly.


B5 is also known as pantothenic acid. It helps to make the hair follicles stronger and goes to cellular level in order to promote growth of healthy hair. This deep-acting ingredient is also beneficial for improving other hair issues. It can relieve the scalp of itching, which is often caused by dandruff. It can also reduce the amount of dandruff flakes in the hair. This clears the scalp of debris; making your hair feel fresher and void of discomfort.


Horsetail contains silica and selenium. These are both minerals, which are known for their hair benefits. The silica adds improved sheen, texture and strength the hair while selenium regulates the processing of iodine in the body, which is necessary for hair growth. In other benefits, silica may also be effective for the health of nails and bones.


PABA stands for para-aminobenzoic acid. This ingredient helps to improve hair regrowth through the help of protein. It will also strengthen the hair's defense against the harmful UV rays from the sun. When your hair is protected against the sun, you will have less risk of becoming prone to gray hair before you actually reach the age for them. In other benefits of PABA, the ingredient can act as a supporter of other substances that promote hair regrowth.

Apart from these 4 active ingredients, the FollicleRx capsules also contain natural oils, proteins, and a complex matrix of sea-life saccharides.

What are the FollicleRx Prices?

FollicleRx capsules are available at highly market competitive rates. With this effective treatment for hair loss in men, you no longer have to spend hefty amounts of money on other treatments. The FollicleRx price can be adjusted by opting from the 3 available packages. The FollicleRx price for the introductory packages whether you only get 1 bottle may seem a bit expensive. However, if you are happy with the results, you can get a significant supply for a less FollicleRx price through the great value and popular package.

How to Buy FollicleRx?

You can buy FollicleRx quite easily. You need to visit the FollicleRx website and enter your information. This will lead you the packages page where you can buy FollicleRx package of your choice. You are required to use a credit card and the product will be shipped to your location.

Buy FollicleRx today so you can begin your journey towards better hair. You can buy folliclerX in India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, United Emirates, Hong Kong from the official website FollicleRx - Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

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