Does God exist?

NO, he does not exist. Here are over 100+ answer to this question and I will add mine. Maybe someone posted a similar answer. Maybe some people said he does exists.

I would start by saying a basic logic argument. I will use photos as is much easier for me. Sorry for the poor English grammar.

Let's assume first that GOD does exists. So what is he doing? He is just getting bored across the universe and decides at some point that he needs a creation? That he needs a world to observe? Same like when you gather together 1000 ants and observe them? What was he doing before the Genesis? Why did he created us, Earth, Sun, THIS HUGE UNIVERSE?

What is the primary reason why most fitness goals fail?

Goal setting is the easy part of success after all we just have to write a list.Working through any goal is where the challenge comes in especially when it comes to fitness.How many people set fitness goals at the start of

What back exercises did Mike Tyson do?

Here is a posting that says how Mike described his workout regime back in 1987: Misc.I quote from it:

What are the biggest mistakes people make when cooking?

In baking:Not measuring precisely (weighing is best)Using  an oven with the wrong temperature (use an oven thermometer). Also,  know your oven. If it has hot spots, be sure to rotate food.Not adjusting time correctly if the recipe is halved or doubled.In cooking:Not