Does India have ecosystem to support Tesla cars?

No , presently India doesn't have the infrastructure to support any kind of electricity cars. Sounds rude ? Sadly , it's true.

But wait , few years back even US didn't have the necessary infra to support Tesla. It transformed and showed the world that it can indeed foray on the road less traveled. India also has immense potential to develop electric cars. If US can , why can't India ?

Surely , it will take time to develop but it will eventually. Electric cars are the need of the hour.

Necessity is the mother of innovation

It also depends on how much emphasis Tesla is giving to develop the Market in India. If both Tesla and Indian Government work together , we can achieve the feat in much less time.

Since the delivery of the cars are two years from now for the eastern countries , it will be a good time for the government to show its support in favour of electric cars.

Developing universal charging stations will lead to exponential growth in the electric car market. Charging cars at the fuel stations is also a possible altetnative. Since the infra is there , low investment will be needed.

It will be good to see Tesla joining hands with Indian Oil or Bharat Petroleum to set up its charging stations at their fuel stations. It will lead to pan-India network of charging stations ; the plan of Telsa in India.

Also , if the Government reduces the import duty in CBU of electric cars then it will reach out to the masses. Going by current rates , Tesla 3 will be available at a price ~ ₹50 lakhs , which is a huge sum. Few people will be able to afford a car at such price , however if the after duty and taxes  price comes down to around ₹30 lakhs then it can lead to greater appeal.

In short , Government has to take several steps in order to develop this untapped industry in India.

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Tesla, the popular luxury electric carmaker has finally unveiled the much awaited Model 3 sedan and will be launched at a starting price of $35,000, which is a little over Rs.23 lakh.

India is definitely not prepared to support tesla cars.

  1. The cost will be around of 50L. Which should limit the sales of the vehicle greatly.
  2. The charging will take a lot of time if done at home.
  3. The Indian roads are not suited for navigation.
  4. Tesla will not deliver the car to India for 2 years. That's too much.
  5. There is no brand value associated to Tesla just yet.
  6. Still not a foolproof vehicle and design.

I think the Tesla is a very nice concept and is much needed but there is not sufficiently developed support system for it. The rest of the developed world may catch up in a the next 2-3 years. India will take much longer than that.

Tesla will build the charging infrastructure when they begin selling in India. In every country they sold their cars, the supercharger network was installed as well. All that govt of India should do is to provide more incentives for people to buy electric vehicles.
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