Does India need atheist politicians?

Not necessary. We only need politicians who are CONVINCED and strictly follow the the CONSTITUTION OF INDIA.

The constitution of INDIA has defined the Indian republic and the safeguards it offers to its citizens irrespective of one's RELIGION or gender and the freedom to practice their opinions without interference.

In fact India`s 1st PM and longest serving PM has been an ATHEIST and a staunch secularist.

West Bengal and Kerala were ruled by comunists who were mostly ATHEIST,

CM Karunanidhi of Tamil Nadu and the DMK cadre were mostly ATHEISTS.

Did it help? I am NOT SURE. Ultimately the people of India need to be SECULAR in their beliefs and practices.

Unfortunately the current BJP/RSS/HINDUTVA governments are blatantly partisan and gaining political mileage by being communal in a largely Hindu nation.(80%)

Is walking the best exercise for obese individuals considering the impact other exercises may have on the joints?

Walking is an activity that everyone should do a lot of everyday. Walking, however, is not exercise. Jogging, running, and swimming are exercises. Moving those joints with impact will begin to immediately strengthen them. They may hurt a little at first but consider that a good sign and keep at it because obesity is much harder on the joints

What's the fastest way to get rid of muscle soreness? Will stretching work or is there a better method?

Sometimes we are sore because we are new to exercise and have been sedentary so a simple bodyweight workout will make us super tight.Some of us are sore from hitting it hard in the gym, or....a new routine that challenges our muscles in a new way.Sometimes we are simply fatigued and weak from a

What time of the day do you have your best workouts?

I tend to do most of my workouts in the morning. Here is some info to help you with your question-Morning - Best potential for building muscle because testosterone is critical in protein synthesis and for rebuilding muscle fiber damaged in weight training. There is also greater mental