Does Latin America hate Mexico?

I am a mexican citizen and have been travelling to some other "brotherly" Latin American countries for the past 10+ years, mainly for business purposes, so the glamorous point of view that a tourist would provide is off the table.

It has amazed me how people in these countries do their best to make us feel welcome and at home, and since we all share a common cultural origin, we adapt easily.

Apart from the mexican media craze of decades past (since the 50s through films, TV, music, etc.) that is still well appreciated in Latin America, our fellow LatinAmericans often have a very positive view of mexicans since we have remained true to our culture and origins DESPITE being neighboured by the world's top economy and main global influencers.

The main criticism on mexicans by our fellow LatinAmericans is focused on how we tend to blindly glorify all things related to the U.S., which is evident at all levels: from the top-edge government and business affairs that have turned Mexican economy TOTALLY DEPENDENT to the US economy and NAFTA, and even down to some (very few, hopefully) tourists that behave as jerks while visiting other LatinAmerican countries, bragging on how "well" our country does in comparison, due to the vicinity with our "rich neighbour".

This sort of behaviour (we call it "malinchismo")is widely present in our mexican society and it is on our own account to erradicate it.

Personally I think we, as mexicans, should stop seeking "role models" within the U.S. and improve our friendship and cultural bonds with our LatinAmerican partners. Should there be a unified LatinAmerican integration project I would stongly vouch for it.

Why would we hate Mexico? In my humble opinion, at least, as a peruvian borned, Mexico resembles much of my home country. It was home of one of the mightiest pre-hispanical culture: Aztecs. During the colony times, together with the Viceroyship of Peru, the Viceroyship of New Spain was crucial part of the Spanish empire.

The mexican telenovelas and artists as Cantiflas, El Chavo del Ocho and many mane others have spread the mexican culture across the whole continent. Almost every serie and film that comes from abroad will be voiced over in Mexico.

Besides, we share the same culture, language, religion, history. It is almost conforting when you are abroad, and you hear some funny accent and you know it is another fellow latin american.

No, definitely Latin America doesn't hate Mexico. At least this Latin American guy doesn't. VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!!!

I am from Costa Rica, people here love Mexicans due to the influence of TV. It's not uncommon for someone to imitate the Mexican accent and slang for a laugh. Football wise there is a strong rivalry and some of the most ignorant fans might translate that to hate for Mexicans, but then the same people would hate other Costa Ricans from a different club. And these are a very small minority.

I have traveled around Latin America and I have not heard a single bad comment about Mexicans. Mexican cuisine is ubiquitous.

I visited Mexico and I did not find a single person that wasn't nice, from executives at a big bank to waiters at small taco shops. Even when I asked about football their recent match against Costa Rica, they were polite and courteous.

Idid a one week Spanish immersion course in Costa Rica. My teacher asked about how I had learned some Spanish. I had taken two school semesters, but mostly learned on the streets of Mexico. She went into a passionate rant about not liking Mexicans. She thought they were mean, violent, overly dramatic and machos. She loved the cuisine though. I pondered how she came to this conclusion over the week. I even asked if she had met any Mexicans, and she never had. That night I put on the TV at my hotel. The first thing I see is a man in ranchero attire slapping an histerical woman to the ground. It turns out over half the programming was Mexican telanovelas with a side of Chilean shows. She apparently thought these dramas were reality. I bet she thinks almost everyone in Chile looks German.

No, only Mexicans hate Mexico. Well not all of us, but many Mexicans hate Mexico.

Some will govern and destroy their states.

Some will pollute the rivers and land.

Some will dodge taxes and hide the money somewhere else.

Some will benefit from poor salaries.

Some will ignore the needs of the majority, pursuing riches and accumulation of money and power.

Some will think money buys respect.

Some will think that "made in Mexico" is crap.

Some will think that being a smart ass and fooling your neighbor is clever.

Some will not back your business or ideas, they want you to fail.

Some will rejoice of your disgrace.

Some simply cannot be good citizens.

But the rest is fine people.

No. There isn't no hate. May be, there isn't also no love. What exists is a relation of collaboration and friendship and solidarity. At least, from Brazilian's point of view, is this what prevails. However, I don't know of nothing so much different in the other countries of Latin America in relation with Mexico. Latin America needs integration founded in collaboration, friendship, and solidarity.

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