Does NASA actually have adequate funds to support multiple deep space missions?

To support them, yes. To launch them and build them probably not. Its worth mentioning that even cheap missions to another planet are in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

One of the real problems with deep space missions though is that 1. We're running out of plutonium, which we need as a power sourve for missions beyond the asteroid belt, and 2. The current political climate is no conducive to the kind of goodwill gestures that allowed us to create START exemptions previously.

Launching nuclear material, which is currently a necessity for deep space missions, is forbidden by treaty. Exceptions were made previously, but the last one that was given out went to the ESA.

So first we would need to start making more plutonium, then we would need to have a launch vehicle for deep space insertions (pending, by SpaceX), then we would need to fund research 1 universities (rather than close them like we are trying to do now) to create deep space missions again. Last we would need to create an international accord for research of this type with the major players involved.

Under the last several Republican congresses however NASA has been slashed to the bone and beyond, because of its support for evidence based reasoning and climate change research. So if you want to know more about our solar system and beyond, make sure you vote, and vote Democratic.

Why does it cost money to live?

Why do you need air to breath? Why do you need electricity ? If you want to question the basics and are really curious about money then read the book about history of money - The Creature from Jekyll Island. You will be surprised and will start seeing the world in a new light.Links for the

What's going to happen when all the oil runs out?

Don't hate, I know this is a little gloomy.I think that society will completely and permanently collapse. At first, the news outlets will cover it up as they have our current economic slump, and trust me, we are having an economic slump (the proof is in the unemployment figures, consistent for

Why is space colorful from spots on Earth but outside the atmosphere it just looks black?

I think people kinda misunderstood your question or maybe they got it right and I'm the one who got it wrong.I think you meant why pictures of earth taken from space don't show stars and space is pitch black. The reason for this is