Does Science believe in Soul?

The concept of a soul doesn't exist in real science.

If soul is matter or energy or both, then it should be detected by now. If it's not, then what is a soul is something that escapes the knowledge of science, as far as I know, as things that exist are matter and energy, just that.

And it's not because it cannot be seen, because there are a lot of things that cannot be seen but can be perceived in the field of science: subatomic particles, electric and magnetic field, eletromagnetic radiation outside the visible light frequencies, and so on.

The point is, people that claim there's a soul cannot offer a repeteable and verifiable evidence for it. It's like the guardian angel. Or gods.

Science, it appears to me, gives us explanations behind assuming that nothing can continue for ever. You needn't bother with science to trust that. However, at any rate the disclosure of the huge explosion demonstrates that the universe had a starting and will have an end. This demonstrates while something may be everlasting, it can't be eternal, and that must go for souls as well.

McGilchrist's enormous book The Master and his Emissary has been condemned by Raymond Tallis among others for utilizing science wrongly as a part of the administration of theory: not that the science isn't right, but rather that it is just a setting yet is dealt with as though it were a heap bearing some portion of the view. This is by all accounts precisely the error that he reprimands so wildly in others – the jump from experimental result to otherworldly critical.

No. Absolutely not. You don't need that metaphysical concept of soul in biology. Anybody claiming otherwise is promoting pseudo-science.

no... Because soul is a metaphysical entity which cannot be quantified... And anything that cannot be quantified does not exist according to science... And beware of people quoting religious text and giving scientific examples... That is nothing but pseudo science...

What is science? It is knowledge gained through observation and experimentation. Now can you observe the soul [after death]? Can you conduct experiments on souls [again after death]?  Why I have added ‘after death' is, when one is alive he would be human being and not a soul.  People with belief may argue that he is a human with a soul. It's fine with me.  So to believe in souls one should be able to observe them. When no one has seen a soul, then how can one believe in it?  Therefore, I conclude that soul is beyond the realm of science.

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