Does SpongeBob lead a happy life?

He's a sponge and lives in a pineapple. He's yellow with blue eyes. He doesn't worry about hairstyle, cloths and shoes. He's so sweet with the square pants.
He has a pet, a loyal funny friend (Patrick) and a loyal strong smart forgiving friend (Sandy).
He also have good parents who aren't always around.
He loves his job and he's satisfied with it.
He never notices how his neighbour (the octopus) hates him and always finds a way to be joyful around him. Even that one time (April fools episode) when sponge bob actually cried, he forgave the octopus really fast and everything went back to normal.
His boss is manipulative and that's a bad point too. But sponge bob has what he needs and he's happy.
He lives in bikini bottom, the most friendly underwater,  he's got everything he needs (and probably wants).
So yeah, he's a happy guy in my eyes and I envy him.
What countries have never had an earthquake?

Never thought of that, probably because that land is not on Earth.There is no such a country. No matter where you life, there is always going to happen an earthquake, sooner or later. But don't worry about that, it is a real psychological struggle to think that earthquakes could occur at any time.

What would happen if Mumbai suddenly disappeared?

If Mumbai ‘suddenly' disappeared?India will suddenly lose $278 Bn of its GDP.A total wealth of $820 Bn will be suddenly sliced away.Justin Bieber's scheduled concert in Mumbai will be canceled.Ships, Planes and cruises sailing towards Mumbai will be stuck and badly confused.Bollywood will disappear.Fortunately, KRK and Rakhi Sawant will also disappear.You'll probably lose your internet as Mumbai connects a

How to track a missing person

If he is your spouse. I would just tell him you suspect something and would like to see his phone. If he won't open it then you have your answer. The only other way is to wipe his screen very clean, depending on what