Does Steve Wozniak still hold Apple stock?

YES !!!! he still holds about 1 Million apple stocks .His net worth is 100 million dollars
Lets do some math:
 Woz net worth = 100 million
Apple Stock price = 97.72

His stock = 100/97.72
 =approx 1 million of stock.

Before IPO in 1980 Woz had 7.9 % shares while Jobs had 15% BUT he sold out some of his stocks in 1978/79 and after IPO it was 7.4% .What all he did not for money but for fun.

Of course, he's stated in several interviews and even on his own webpage that he's a lifetime Apple employee and has always held on to at least some Apple stock during the whole time. He's not nearly as rich as Jobs though, since the Woz gave a lot of his stock away:
"By his own account, Woz is still drawing a small paycheck from Apple today and is still listed as "employee""
How long until plastics use up all the fossil fuels?

How long until plastics use up all the fossil fuels?tl;dr Aint gonna happenEnd of oil - Full disclosure: This is the latest version of a canned essay built after answering this same question in slightly different wording to many times to remember. It is updated as needs

Is there something that can be dangerous about the Outer space but isn't?

There are countless comets and asteroids whizzing through outer space.Were a body of considerable size to hit the Earth we have no refuge today.Plans include knocking the body off course but aren't feasible right now.These threats to Earth are out there even now.

How is technology good or bad for the art world?

As far as I'm concerned, technology is a good thing if taken as just another tool to make the artist's intention easier to materialise. Refusing evolution through technology is stupid, but over relying on technology really hurts this artistic intention I was talking about. I think real artists are rare, have always been and will always be. You