Does a clinic have to tell a husband when his wife is having an abortion?

Not in the United States of America. Not only doesn't a clinic have to tell a husband about his wife's medical care, they legally can't do this without her consent.

In the US a woman has rights to both bodily autonomy and privacy. This means she both gets to decide what is/is not done to her body and also whether or not she wants to disclose this information to others.

I'm not sure about other jurisdictions.

Do shy and introverted guys end up single?

Yes... and for a long time indeed. This is basically due to the logistics. I am not going to mix the traits shyness and introvert/extrovert and use them interchangeably. They are different things. Here shyness is the culprit. We are also not factoring in the "goodness" of the person,

What are some calisthenics exercises for shoulders (that do not involve pull-up bars)?

Handstands! And handstand push-ups! Or, if you're a real freak-beast, one arm handstands and one arm handstand push-ups!Really though, if you are a normal weight and can do freestanding handstand push-ups you'll have some pretty dynamic and powerful shoulders without having to progress to the one-armed variants. Honestly,

So apparently, I'm in high school and some of my friends were playing beside a group of boys and they said they heard a boy telling his friends that I'm cute. Is this a good thing? And does that boy like me? And what does 'cute' stand here?

Be extra careful when listening to other people rumors.Especially in highschool,when the favourite past time is to create rumours and then laugh.If you like the boy,just go say hi,don't just wait for a rumour to go around that he likes you.Bear in mind,normally when a highschool guy says he