Does a man know when a woman is in love?

If they are romantically involved with each other, he should be able to tell. People cannot fake love (well, at least not entirely).

When you are in love you share a special feeling (aura) when you are together. You can't fake a "thrill" or the chills you get when being romanced by someone you love. Kissing is also a good indicator. People in love kiss passionately, you can't fake this either.

Watch for the signs and you will have your clear answer.

Can I do push ups instead of bench presses?

Sure push ups are great. It has the benefit of requiring zero equipment and can also be performed with different variations which will allow you to hit other muscle groups such as the deltoids and triceps. You can also increase the difficulty of the exercise by increasing the time lowering and raising of the body. By wearing a backpack

Is finance a noble profession?

[Notable: worthy of attention or notice; remarkable.]Who do you remember more, the founder or the funder of their work?FaradayNewton Einstein Jobs Gates Brunel Pasteur FlemmingHarrisonBerners-LeeThe management of assets & liabilities has helped facilitate the great engineering, scientific and technological discoveries of our time. However,

What is the best system requirement to run Oracle?

There is no such thing. A system requirement is based on, well, the requirements of the application that runs on it. The exact requirements will depend on the application that makes use of the Oracle database. Anything more, it *may* be better; but the minimum depends on the exact requirements of the application.Let me be