Does age matter when you fall in love?

I am 79 and thus probably older than any other person who responded to this question and have a wider, if not better, view. I am a long-time widower, in remarkably good physical health and have lately fallen deeply in love with an age appropriate woman. We are well matched in that she is also much younger biologically than her age would imply.
I have all the symptoms (yes, I can remember them) - I want to be with her, I enjoy every moment together, we have wonderful times both publicly and privately. I respect everything she is and has accomplished yet I am not blind to her faults (minor in my estimation) and can accept them as part of who she is.
We are both well educated and accomplished, but in widely different areas yet we share some common interests that enrich our lives.
I think of myself as very lucky in finding her and believe she feels that way about me.
I can't imagine feeling any more deeply about her and hope we are together for the rest of our lives.

What are the best ways to work out to maximize my muscle gains?

There are two factors that must be considered when your goal is maximizing muscle gains: Diet and Exercise.Diet: Eat a

Is going to the gym good for 17-year-olds?

Gyming is like a sport and doesnt really have a right age of starting it,since there is no right age of starting other sports like football,basketball,martial arts and many more. Just like other sports can be dangerous if the intensity is very

Why do some guys (often black) seem to gain muscle mass from little exercise?

I like this question because of the often black in brackets haha. People with darker skin tones in my gym are nearly all jacked or shredded so it doesn't help but add to the stereotype. I do believe that persons with a darker skin tone have a