Does alcohol have a large effect on muscle gains?

Research has shown alcohol intake may cause a major setback in muscle gains and reaching fitness goals. It appears alcohol reduces muscle protein synthesis (MPS) impairing our muscle growth. Studies also show alcohol to alter hormone levels and decrease our metabolism. This means our ability to reduce body fat also becomes a problem.

There is also the issue of not being able to drink alcohol in moderation. The USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends only one alcoholic drink per day for women and no more than two for men. Enjoying a drink has become the liquid cheat meal and reward for completing a hard workout. Unfortunately, one drink usually leads to two or more.

Research has shown some positive health benefits linked to moderate alcohol consumption. When alcohol is consumed in moderation, it's shown to increase our good cholesterol (HDL), reduce insulin resistance and stress levels. Other studies indicate the negatives of drinking alcohol outweigh the positives. It really comes down to making the best-informed choice about alcohol consumption and your fitness goals.reduces alcohol muscle proteins synthesis(MPS) impairing our muscle growth.

Why is HIIT considered more effective than steady state cardio for fat loss?

Time efficiency.That's it really.You can get more done with less time, but that doesn't automatically mean it's more effective. Contrary to group internet think.This 2017 meta-analysis, looked at the effects of high-intensity interval training vs. moderate-intensity continuous training on body composition.13 papers qualified for the meta-analysis, so a fair bit. The

What's the best gym in Palo Alto?

Prometheus CrossFit. CrossFit box is obviously very different from your typical gym, and it's not for everyone. Classes occur on a group schedule, so you won't be able to workout at any arbitrary time. CrossFit doesn't align with everyone's workout philosophy. It's not

Is it a waste of good vodka to use it to make bloody marys?

Yes. By law, vodka that is produced in this country (USA), other than specifically flavored vodkas, can have no smell or taste. Vodka is ethanol and water. Vodkas produced outside the US may have some discernible qualities that some people may be able to detect (operable word there is