Does anybody own a Tesla Model S in India?

Nobody in India Owns Tesla Model S, since Tesla doesn't sell any of its cars in India (Current Date). Recently, Tesla (Elon Musk) announced for the release of its new model Tesla Model 3 which got a huge response from people and is expected to get delivered by end of 2017.

It will come by end of 2017 and so, there are no signs of Tesla Model S of being owned by anyone in India. Moreover, Tesla cars on Indian roads will symbolize the dawn of new electric luxury cars and Tesla will also have to set up its offices, car service centers, showrooms, Supercharging and Destination Charging (DC) stations, etc.

Meanwhile, have a look at Tesla Model 3:

I don't think anybody owns a Tesla automobile in India.

But there's hope that the company would soon set up its base in India.

There are some things that need to be looked into this matter like:

  1. Tesla is building a GIGA-FACTORY in US. Elon Musk (the CEO of Tesla) said that all the Lithium Ion batteries made in the world combined would be less than the batteries produced in the Gigafactory. Also the new models announced in US would reach the customer probably by 2017 (according to his statement). So their resources are stuck there.
  2. With point 1 being a factor, if you see Tesla's business plan they have focused on US, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, NZ etc right now and also for the next 2 years..Notice they are all the so called DEVELOPED countries. They really aren't interested (as of now) to be in Africa, Middle East, India markets. So they would come to India probably when their revenues are thresholding in those countries. However this may/may not be true (these are all my understanding from my study).
  3. Infrastructure, Setting up factories, Skilled Labour, Free fund flow, etc are constraints that Tesla might consider when it might think to invest in India.
  4. Recently Union Transport Minister Mr Nitin Gadkari invited Tesla to India but they said "They would look to invest in India in the FUTURE when the time is right". So India isn't an option in the next 2 years.
  5. However the Govt is taking many steps for welcoming such companies by Tax sops, Land leases, FDI liberalization, promoting electric vehicles etc
  6. But other automobile companies that have captured markets in India would not be comfortable with Tesla's entrance. They might pressure Govt aganist Tesla, I think.

So my best guess would be ATLEAST 4 years or more for Tesla cars to be introduced in India. But once they enter,man, they would sell like HOT CAKES. (Hopefully Elon Musk is reading this).

Till then people like me would be drooling all over their computer screens just by looking at the cars pics, videos and car owner reviews... Cheers..

I don't think so.
Tesla Motors To Enter India By 2015 - Overdrive.
EDIT 1- The wait might be a bit longer. Even though the Budget 2015 has offered 75k crores for electric vehicles, other obstacles remain. Tesla is developing a new model code named Tesla Model 3 which will be priced in the range of Rs 18-24 Lakhs.
Read this article for further information regarding the same:
Tesla to enter India with new sedan at attractive price - The Economic Times

EDIT 2- Good news for Indian Tesla fans. Latest estimates suggest that production of Model 3 will begin in late 2017 and early estimates peg its price at 23.2 Lakhs (35,000$) provided import duties are low enough. The much-awaited announcement was made by the company's founder Elon Musk in a tweet: "Adding several more countries to Model 3 page tonight. Check for details, but will include India, Brazil, SA, SK, NZ, Sing & Ireland."

For further information read this article:
Curiosity peaks among rich Indians over Tesla's plan to drive in cheapest car 'Model 3' - The Economic Times

EDIT 3 - 2017 might finally see Tesla cars hit the Indian Roads. If Elon Musk's tweet is to be believed. (Source - ET)

There are no photographs or blogs of any tesla seen in India. Owning a tesla in India now is not practical because it does not provide any long commuting range and there are not public charging points. Anyone who buys a tesla can only drive it in and around their area of residence. Also importing a tesla will not be value for money as there are no luxury settings in the car or loud noise. Someone who imports a tesla can buy a S cabriolet and drive with luxury performance in and out of the tesla range.

It made me laugh after reading Sandeep's comments. Tesla Model S is an electric car with a built in charger which can charge itself if you connect it to a 240v / 110v outlet. He states "its difficult to charge" as if there is no power in India at all. I guess what he is trying to say is, there isn't any Supercharging Stations by Tesla which is free and charges faster. The fact that company isn't there in India explains why the charging stations are not there. But if you manage to import one, I am sure you can definitely charge it & use it .

I don't think Tesla is coming to India any time soon. As Tesla is not producing a lot of cars and all the cars they produce gets sold out as soon as they are released. Tesla don't need more buyers , as they can't produce enough cars (500,000) to fulfill their needs. They already have a big enough market and they will continue to improve it. And they even can't have their autopilot feature in India. So to sum it all up it is unlike to see Tesla until 2019. Upvote if you agree.

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