Does anyone ever feel a moment happening twice in life?

Yes for certain, dejavou is one and means "already seen" but I've had many an experience that reminds me exactly of an incident that happened before, in a slightly different way. Often I'll catch someone trying to be manipulate and I know their "trick" and may let them think they are clever. I've had it in relations with others who do something I've lived through before. The question is, is it worth going through again with the outcome being very likely it's the same.

Same with studying or teachers. They will utilize the same techniques and if you pick up on it it is easy to know that they want to get you to learn and think about the way you have already made judgments on a topic but want you to challenge it.

It happens as life is so similar, even with music I've had improv moments that are so similar I already know what to do next even with no plan.

Odd stuff for sure.

Why do some people like to look at gore?

I came across this website trying to find an answers to this very question. I am one of these people who enjoy watching real gore and have no idea why.I have always had a morbid curiosity, something entises me to look at images and videos of real gore. I don't feel

Where does a space shuttle land on its return to Earth?

The shuttle program was retired in 2011, so the shuttles no longer land anywhere.When they did still fly missions, however, they came in to land one of two places (with one exception.) They landed either at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in

What is the best Disney animated movie sequel?

It'll depend on what studio your talking about. DisneyToon is the studio that made all of the bad sequels to Disney films like Brother Bear, Fox and the Hound, Aladdin and then they made the TinkerBell and the Planes movies. When it comes to that studio I'm going to say Lion King 1 1/2