Does being poor make you happier?

Being poor is a disempowered position, but doesn't necessarily mean you have to be unhappy while not having money. Having some money creates freedom to do what you want to do. You don't need to have a LOT of money, just enough to do some of the things you want to do, like travel, or even just have the things you need, like shelter, food and a little play money. It doesn't buy happiness, but it buys a bit of freedom so you can then continue to learn happiness.

I found that when I was poor, it was better to just travel a little and not try to hold down a job and a house or apartment. It's actually cheaper to travel than it is to stay in one place and try to do the status quo. If you do work exchange at various centers, farms, etc, then you can stretch a little bit of money out over a long period of time. Then you can be happy without having a lot of money.

As you learn more about who you are and discover your talents and strengths, hone your skills, then you start getting the ideas on what it is you are supposed to be doing in this world, and what your right livelihood should be. That way, when you start doing it, you could actually make quite a bit of money! Money is power, power to have the life you want, and power to change the world if you have more than you need.

What is a better way to lose weight, keto or a low-carb diet? Which one can be followed in the long run?

The better way to lose weight is the plan you can sustain in a long go.In ketogenic diet you have to keep Carbohydrates to a very low level i.e below 20 preferably. This kind of level are not very comfortable for many people. Many prefer and like lots of fats. They actually like the ketogenic diet. The Keto diet

What one single advice can change a life?

Show me a poor and I'll show you how poorly he treats his time.Once a food chain promoted $6 worth of chicken free in exchange for an internet coupon. Later, there was a rush in front of their outlets. A bunch of people seeking for that FREE chicken was

How did you know that your spouse wanted a divorce?

It was a gradual realization, after we were separated and had filed for divorce. She wouldn't do her paperwork, so the divorce could move on. She told my aunt she wanted to reconcile, but she couldn't tell me, and he hadn't done any of the personal work I needed her to do in order for us