Does being religious make people happier?

The best peer reviewed research on well-being and happiness suggests that.

A 2012 review of more than 326 peer-reviewed studies of mainly adult populations found that out of those 326 studies, 256 (79%) found only significant positive associations between religiosity/spirituality and well-being. The author postulated that the positive influence of religion or spirituality on well-being can be explained through a few key mechanisms, such as religion's role as a coping strategy and as a support system for prosocial behaviors. In addition, religious beliefs can potentially alter the way individuals cognitively react to stressors, and often, the regulations of most faiths decrease the likelihood of individuals experiencing particularly stressful life events (such as divorce or incarceration) (2).

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This probably echos those conclusions:

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Humans breathe bacause tissues and cell require to be supplied with constant and sufficient oxygen for them to generate energy for their normal and proper functioning. In addition, carbon dioxide need to be removed from cells and tissues of the body to avoid its