Does braiding promote hair growth?

The most important thing to factor in when having your hair in braids is, care and maintenance.

It's not as easy as just putting your hair in braids and expecting flowing results once you take them out.

Simply put, braids do not make hair grow . They can however as a protective style, assist with retaining new growth.

Everyone's hair will grow every month. Some a little, others a little bit more. The greatest consideration is if that growth can be retained.

When deciding to install, micro braids, box braids, crochet braid etc. you should consider factoring in a care plan/routine to have the best opportunity to retain growth.

Before the braids

Deep condition and detangle your hair. You may also want to blow dry your hair out to minimise tangles. This will reduce any potential pulling and tugging when your braids are being installed.

Maintaining the Braids

Your hair should be regularly moisturised to help with keeping your hair strands well maintained and reduce dryness and therefore breakage.

When you sleep at night, wrap your braids in a satin scarf, this can also help to retain moisture in your hair.

Taking out Braids

Braids shouldn't be kept in for more than 1.5-2 months. The weight of the extensions on new growth for lengthy periods of time is likely to cause breakage.

This is a key step. Some people report at least 1.5 inches of hair growth after taking out braids. However if braids have not been maintained well whilst they're in and they're not removed carefully, this growth will soon break off. Your braids should be moisturised before take down and carefully unravelled. When you get to the top of the strand, there may be some build up that fuses the hair together. Don't pull! Take some olive oil and carefully separate the hair. Then wash and condition your hair.

Wait a few weeks before putting in another set of braids.

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