Does cardio kill weight gain?


Cardiopulmonary activities favor burning of calories and helps you in maintaining the caloric deficient stage, one must have in order to loose weight or fat whateva is your goal. However, if you are doing excessive cardio without restricting your diet you will either be at the same stage i.e. wont loose weight or may gain weight as well. Diet will be a crucial factor along with cardio as it indicates whether you are in caloric surplus or deficient.

According to recent studies, one should involve resistance training along with cardio for overall results. Lifting weights will not only provide you with strength but it helps in burning fat using it as a fuel for building muscles.

A 45 min. resistance training mixed with 15–25 mins of cardio has proven highly beneficial and has shown good results in people with excess weight problem. HIIT is an alternative for cardio as it is effective even if done only 5 mins (properly) , intensity is way higher then doing tredmill and its not boring as just running on a tredmill or cycling or a lousy crosswalker.


What would be a good workout for building muscle mass?

Building muscle is a very straightforward process. In the beginning of your training, your body is going to put on muscle the quickest given the new novel stimuli. This is why it is imperative that you start out on the right foot. Consistency and compliance are all you need.As boring as it is, if you want to gain

Why do dogs stretch?

Dogs and other vertebrate animals are not stretching... they are pandiculating which both relaxes their muscles and readies them to be used.Look at Al's dog.  Try that move yourself... stick out your tongue (muscle) and feel what happens in your throat/neck.  You might even feel a

Are divorce courts slanted against men?

It depends on the country. The problem is generally not so much that the court doesn't apply the law equally but that the legal framework itself is biased.Alimony for example is an outdated practice and is intrinsically biased against men, as men generally out-earn their wives and