Does cramming a ton of exercise into 1-2 days per week work just as well as spreading the same amount of exercise across 5-6 days for losing weight?

Don't cram, you can overtrain and increase your appetite while reducing muscle mass, causing you to gain fat quickly.

Regular and consistent exercise with 2 to 3 strength sessions spaced out every week over a long period of time will help you to invest in building muscle mass which helps you to increase your metabolism.

Regular and consistent cardiovascular training also helps you to regulate hormones that cause you to lower cortisol, the stress hormone. Reducing cortisol helps you lose weight and build muscle, so it's a win win.

Most importantly, the point of exercise is to prevent health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, some cancers, low bone density and osteoporosis, high cholesterol, depression, and memory loss. Exercise also helps you to feel energized, optimistic, and helps you sleep better.

Instead of focusing on the weight, try to be motivated by all the good health benefits it will give you. The fat loss will be a byproduct of consistent exercise.

In human behavior and animal behavior (disregard science definition), who cares more for their babies?

Depends a great deal on the species. Some animals simply lay eggs in a decent spot and leave. Some guard the eggs till the little guys hatch, and then abandon them.Some (like most birds) continue to care for and feed the hatchlings until they are able to fly.Most mammals

Which is the best protein shake available in India?

There are a lot of protein shakes available today in Indian Market. However, to assure the quality and authenticity, I would suggest you to always buy a trusted brand's product through its authorised dealers (you can locate one in the company's official website) or Healthkart.Following are some trusted and quality brands:1. Optimum Nutrition Gold

How many grams of protein should I consume to build muscle as a vegetarian?

For optimal muscle growth, consume the same number of grams of protein as non-vegetarians should for optimal growth, 0.8 grams per lb of your bodyweight daily. Whether vegetarian, carnivorous, omnivorous, or whatever, the adult male body requires the same gram-to-weight ratio of protein for optimal muscle growth.For example, if you weight 160