Does depression get worse with age?

I would ask you to do a reasearch on your life . Most of the mistakes that I learnt are from introspection and take a notebook to record .

Close your eyes and ask yourself what made you happy in your life . Write down the time when you were happy . write it down . There must be something that made you smile . Try to start it again and pursue it . The pets I reared kick started my journey . I raised a few . They make you responsible and offer you an opportunity to take care of it and love it . In severe case of depression , it can help a lot . For me , it was a big deal . I rememeber feeling that I was not loved and I didnt love anyone either . Life just fel empty and therre wasnt anything to hold onto . so , asked myself this question and ended up with pets . Even reading answers in quora about dogs and pets make me happy . so find what makes you happy ! Stick to it .

Secondly , ask yourself what make you depressed ?

Did anyone left you ? eg . Break up

Did you meet with an accident ? ..

What about your childbood ? .. Bullied ? .. Abused .

Think about your bad memories and note it down . I would say this can be dealt with after you feel good . Getting a therapist is an ideal way . you can change therapists if there is no progress . It happens a lot

Third , its about belief . The belief that you can improve your health . It must be cultivated . sometimes , religion gives support and hope . But I wasnt very religious . But I always had the belief that I can rely on myself how difficult life gets . Please cultivate the belief life can get better and you can get better . Trust me , it can give you immense courage .

you are right , atleast as far as my life is concerned . When I was depressed at first , I was in college with a lot of friends . They helped me recover . There was a active social life and I recovered with ease . But , second time when it happend , i didnt have much help . I was working and life got busy . so , it makes things difficult . But it can be done

Find out what you are doing in a wrong way . Interact with people and intereact with therapist . I did lot of wrong stuff . I skipped sleep and fatigue worsened my mood the next day . Took 4 , 5 months to figure out . Most people feel that anti depressants will help one recover . Nope , its not . Recovery happens when we get into real world . I wish I could bring up a strategy for you and let you know how to tackle it . There are lot of things that can go wrong and I am not surprised by your question . But with right guidance you can work it out

HAve right expectations . It takes as much time or even greater to heal as it took to affect you . Depression take lot of time . I was depressed fpr 2 years and my recovery was 2 years . It takes time . Unlike other diseeases you just can get into surgical table and get things right within a few months . It takes times and many of us feel disappointed in the journey . so have tonnes of patience !

you can write to me if you wanna talk . I could share my story , point out to resources and do what I can do

If I answer is condescending , I apologise . you might have tried all this or been through a lot . I just dont know . just hoping my answer might be helpful . Ignore it if it isnt .

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