Does doing crossword puzzles make you smarter?

Grab a pencil-or a pen if you're bold-and get ready to turn back time in your brain.

Acc. to Bilton's piece, researchers say "change as you play, getting easier or harder, depending on your performance." The goal is eventually to develop games that rewire our brains to improve memory and cognitive function.

Your daily crossword puzzle is doing a lot more for you than helping you making most of the time on your work commute. It's actually making you smarter into your golden years. Here you will few blogs that will make you believe how crosswords make you smarter if you enjoy them long enough:

How does one deal with the mental fatigue caused by chronic diseases and chronic pain?

It's just about the toughest thing for any of us to deal with. Chronic pain will make almost any human biochemically depressed within 3 weeks. The short term drugs don't work very long; effective chronic meds few.The sleep deprivation is the worst offender in my opinion. After practicing pain mgt for many years and then developing autoimmune dz

Why do you do kipping pull ups in crossfit as opposed to strict pull ups?

Disclaimer: I had joined a Crossfit box for 3 months and have since practised my own workout inspired by Crossfit.I'm going to try to answer this as unbiased as I can.Firstly, there is a lot of hate towards Crossfit, mostly from the bodybuilding community. Many people

In what year will an anti-aging drug be released to the world?

It's a good question and whilst it's impossible to be sure I estimate we are around 15 to 30 years away from controlling aging. I have 90% confidence on these estimates but it is not a cure for aging it just means we will be able to repair the damage caused by the passing years but the