Does eating less give you more energy?

I'd have to disagree with everyone here.

Eating less does give you more energy for one simple reason.

The more food you eat, the longer it takes your body to break it down, digesting food is one of the most taxing jobs your body has to do in terms of energy consumption.

Also, different foods are broken down at different rates, fresh fruit and vegetables can be broken down and start to be absorbed by the body in as little as 20 minutes, protein takes longer as it is harder for the body to break down and foods such as bread and other highly processed "foods" can take up to 20 hours.

What this means is that if you eat highly processed bread (e.g. white bread) with some chemical based spread (not made from natural ingredients and containing a lot of numbers) and say it takes 10 hours to completely process, then you have a snack before lunch, then lunch, then afternoon tea, then dinner, your body has to restart the digestion process each time you put new food into your stomach.

What this does is it causes the initial food in your stomach to begin to turn putrid, this is the reason some peoples poo stinks more than others and also the reason why when people fart it really stinks because of the putrid food build up in your colon.

So to rectify this is simple, eat a lot more raw fruits and veggies, these get absorbed faster, are easier for your body to break down and will keep you feeling fuller for longer and will help flush out all of the food that is stuck in your colon.

If you have 3 meals a day, then you'd be having a meal once every 4–6 hours, this is plenty of time for your body to break down everything and get the nutrients it needs. You'll also find that you stay hydrated a lot easier because your body doesn't have to use as much water to try and break down whats in your stomach.

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