Does exercise improve eyesight?

Blinking is an often overlooked yet simple way to keep your eyes fresh and being able to focus longer. Computer users and television watchers tend to blink less, especially when they are intently focused on something. Try it just now as a simple exercise. For the next two minutes blink every 3 – 4 seconds. After you have done this for two minutes, mentally take note of how your eyes feel, are they strained, relaxed, tired. Now try and not blink for 30 seconds at a time for two minutes. Do you feel any difference?

Whenever you blink your eyes are going into a brief period of darkness which helps to keep your eyes fresh and discharges previous information ready for new information, this helps to reduce eye strain.

Your blink rate can also help with your communication skills. Think about someone who looked at you intently and you possibly felt threatened by them. What you may have missed is the fact that they had stopped blinking. When someone stops blinking and stares at you when you are talking it's a sign of aggression. However whenever you are talking to someone and they are blinking at a 3 -4 second interval it's a sign of a relaxed and friendly listener. Check out people's blink rates the next time you are talking.

If you get really big at the gym (muscular) and then stop going, will your muscle turn to fat and then you'll just be fat?

Good question. This is something of a myth that prevents a lot of people from working out in the gym. But there is some truth to it. Let us assume you that you worked really hard in the gym and then got really

Have you ever tried the military diet? Was it effective for you?

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What are the lifting stats of an average gym goer?

The below mentioned standards are based on a 80 kg male bodyweight, age category 25–30 yearsBeginnersDeadlift - equal to his/her bodyweightSquat - 80–90% of bodyweight.Bench press - 60–70% of bodyweight.Overhead press - 35–45% of bodyweight.NoviceDeadlift - 1.3- 1.4 times his/her bodyweightSquat - 1.1–1.2 times his/her bodyweight.Bench press - 70–80%