Does exercise reduce the saturated fat in your body?

Generally speaking, yes, although various modes are likely to do so to different degrees.

Intense exercise that induces lots of lactic acid is typically more effective at burning saturated fat than more mild steady-state-cardio.

The most important factor in reducing saturated fat in your body is your diet, however. Reduce or eliminate your intake of simple carbs (mostly sugar) and also avoid an unduly large amount of saturated fats like butter.
What are your preferences, men with or without pierced ears?

I don't have a preference.Earrings or lack thereof aren't going to be a dealbreaker for me, unless there's an extreme obsession that gets in the way of daily life.That said, I do find it attractive when men have small stretches earlobes. When I talk about small,

What does it feel like to lose 100 pounds?

I went from 285 to 185 lbs. It feels wonderful. I would say it feels better than sex, but that's part of it: you can actually feel sex and want it and get it more without that 100 pounds in the way. The question deserves two different

What are some classic rock songs that utilize the flute?

I would start with Jethro tull or Traffic. Here are some other ideas.Moody Blues Nights in White Satin,Beatles Fool On The Hill,Marshall Tucker Heard It In A Love Song,Rolling Stones Ruby Tuesday,Manfred Mann The Mighty Quinn,Men at Work Down Under,Chicago Color My World,Van Morrison Moondance,Grand Funk Railroad