Does fasting/intermittent fasting help depression or anxiety?

I am a chronic depression sufferer that recently tried fasting for 4 days.

( Update ) Here is an update on how fasting has been helping me: 5 WAYS FASTING FOR DEPRESSION HAS HELPED MY MENTAL HEALTH

I have to say the results changed my life.

I have a blog article I posted today where I go over why and how I did the 4 day fast. I journaled every day to keep track of what was going on.

My background:

  • I have struggled with depression my entire life.
  • I have PTSD from the war which makes my depression extremely aggressive.
  • I had little to no interest in food so I struggled to keep myself fed.
  • When I did eat I was a dissociative eater.
  • I had a constant mental fog.
  • I was constantly hungry.
  • I could and would sleep for days.

During my 4 day fast.

  • Within 2 days I had mental clarity like I have never felt before.
  • My brain felt like it had been turned on for the first time.
  • Colored seemed more vivid. Sort of similar to the feeling being hopped up on adrenaline when in combat but much more subtle and not so crazy.
  • My sense of smell heightened.
  • I felt a new sense of motivation.
  • I started thinking about food in a completely different way.
  • My body's muscle knots started to loosen up.
  • I felt less stress

After my 4 day fast I switched to intermittent fasting and I only eat after 4 pm.

  • All the effects of the fast are still there.
  • I am no longer hangry
  • Food tastes great again and I look forward to feeding myself.
  • I have been able to rebound from stress in ways I have never been able to do.
  • I am no longer controlled by food or the lack of it.

I am sure there are more but these are just what came to me first. I wouldn't have believed to it if I hadn't tried it for myself.

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