Does gas has dinosaur remains? Because it's called fossil fuel? How much of it will be from dinosaurs?

The gasoline you have in your car has absolutely no "dinosaur remains". The term "fossil fuel" refers to the fact that it is made up of organic remains of once living organisms, but dinosaurs are NOT those organisms.

Petroleum is made up of the remains of trillions upon trillions of microscopic organisms. The biomass that was converted into petroleum contains no remains of land vertebrates, and has nothing to do with dinosaur fossils. Modern coal measures are made up of largely plant matter changed by heat, pressure and time into carbon rich rock.

Actually petroleum fossil fuels are derived primarily from plankton, foraminifera, and other microscopic sea life. Coal is derived from vegetation not animal remains.

Why do you not believe in Ghosts?

Ghosts have already been successfully debunked as being the result of infrasound.Infrasound - Wikipedia

If the Flash or Quicksilver can move faster than the speed of light, can they travel?

The Flash can't travel faster than light (at least, he can't get anywhere even close in any of the Flash I've seen), but he can travel through time (he's done so several times), so I'm very confused by this hypothetical.

If we find extraterrestrial life should we try to make contact?

Find out their intensions first because it could be dangerous.What of there about war mongering like Hitler, Stalin and Castro.