Does hard work always lead to success?

Oh god no. Success is the carrot used to spur hard work. Most of the time for most of us, it is a lie. Then the more devious of them marionettists realize, we can profit off the frustrations of those who we made work hard but didn't make it... to harass those who don't try enough. They become like really eager at getting the power to try make others feel as bad as they feel for being denied the success they so desperately seek.

This is the way the hunt for success spreads like a mental pandemia throughout society and the eternal sits on the top laughing heartily at all the ego-driven madness.

Pretty disgusting in my opinion. :o)

If exercise is good for the body, why is the body designed to put you through pain when you exercise?

As someone who loved to workout said, NO PAIN, NO GAIN.Well not everytime you feel the pain. It's quite natural to experience some soreness after a workout, and this is even more true following the first day of an exercise program. Because of the formation of lactic acid in the muscles. You're working the muscles at a different intensity

How much time will it take for a beginner to get attractive muscles because of the gym?

in gym you are likely to develop faster.a dedicated bodybuilder takes 6months challenge working atleast 4hours daily.but as a normal person who just want to be fit needs to put commitment...prepaying gym membership helps u go to gym every day...your

What are the best physical exercises to improve perception?

I suggest that you are asking the wrong question. Improving 'mindfulness' could result in gains for all the skills that you list. Inner dialog and disregarded emotional / physiological responses will impact performance. There is likely some anxiety involved when parking the new car. Did you anticipate the problem