Does hard work make you intelligent?

No, hard work bring about a certain mastery in what you doing, and bring also some stress with you become a specialist in your field by time, an expert, that's the benefit of hard makes you better in finding solutions in what you're good at, not life in general, not in relationships, not in psychological matters...

Intelligence is something else, you don't get it by exercising your brain, by doing so, you only create patterns and making the brain mechanical, doing repetitive tasks over and over, and that is not intelligence.

to be intelligent is to be constantly aware, not having a preoccupied mind, but rather a fresh mind that dies to yesterday to embrace tomorrow with a great energy...intelligence is renewed every time , never ends, when facing a problem, you don't search for a solution in your accumulated expertise archive, it just comes as the problem occur, that's creative thinking, also called intelligence... it require a free mind, a free mind is extremely energetic, and you need that energy to bring about intelligence...

How to become fit fast

Hi Jaida:No such a thing exists. Fitness demands planning and execution, thinking long term. Fitness is a precious commodity, challenging to attain; therefore, it is neither cheap nor fast to accomplish. It took me about two years to experience decent fitness but drastically better than before. During that initial two years, I trained Powerlifting 2

Which is the best mobile app for the latest fitness tips?

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