Does iOS device(iphone/ipad) support IPv6?

As with most questions of this form ("Does $DEVICE support $FEATURE?"), it depends on what you mean by "device" and "support."

  • iOS 4 added support for IPv6 on Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad. 
  • Various IPv6 features have gradually been added on since then such as stateful DHCPv6 in 4.3.1.
  • There is not support for SeND on any version of iOS
  • The iOS handling of privacy addressing can causes some issues with some first-hop security strategies.
  • iOS 6 further refines IPv6 support, including support for IPv6 on LTE interfaces and presumably some means of selecting the appropriate wireless interface based on cost criteria.
The cheap IPv6 Toolkit app is a great way to see what IPv6 addresses and routes your IOS device is seeing.

So the short answer is "yes, but ask more questions."
What are some examples of 'folk science'?

Piaget wrote a lot about how a child creates concepts of the world around her/him via different stages. The stages indicate levels of insight, sure, but I think those stages exist largely due to cultural development (we have modern medicine, after all). Cultural nuances do exist in "folk science," though. Traditional Chinese