Does imagination travel faster than light?

What do you actually mean when you say "imagination". I guess it's just the process of thinking by our brain. See, lets suppose I say you to imagine USA, then you may instantaneously think of Some famous city of USA or Geographically, its position and shape on Globe. So this information is already stored in your brain itself, its not like these things are in USA and when I said to imagine, they instantaneously come to you all the way from USA.

Or, what if say you to imagine a universe, or a cube or any structure?, it's just that our brain is drawing something without pen and paper to understand it correct?. Yeah, the question now may be , how do brain do this?, this is a bit hard question for undergrad physicist, but this I can ensure that electrical pulses are main reason for any work by brain. And all tbe way you come to the motion of an electric field or electromagnetic field inside matter, which is a bit less than speed of light.

I think, I understood your question and answered it form my knowledge.

So any question or rectification!, comment please.


Can we see the sun at night?

Even during the morning you're not able to see the sun. What you see is just the light coming from it. So, during night time the few thing that directs the light of the sun towards us are the moon, planets and the atmosphere. So,  keep looking at the moon, you're actually looking at the sun.

What would happen if an object the size of earth crashed into Earth gently?

As already answered there will not be a soft landing. The landing will be somewhere near escape velocity from earth. Another important point is that the crust of the earth is very thin. If earth were shrunk to the size of an orange the crust would be as

What is the importance of sociology of education to a teacher and why?

Sociology is the study of the social relationships of people and organizations. Teachers and students do not function in a vacuum, but in the social relationships of their milieu. Therefore, sociology is of profound importance to a teacher. First, a good teacher needs to