Does intermittent fasting burn stubborn belly fat?

So the problem with intermittent fasting is what happens after you stop. I don't think you plan on continuing for the rest of your life although it can be done safely. Anyway fasting will work but you must also eat the right kinds of food when you fast. Here's the basic problem I see here. First of all is the fast occurs at night which is fine, but then you wake up in the morning and are probably starving. Not knowing what your diet is like I will just assume its very high in carbs and so that first carb laden meal of the day is going right into your fat stores for the most part. You do not mention if you have lost weight or not which is strange because neck fat is not an indicator I would use to see if my diet or fast are working. Weight alone is not the optimal marker either.

How much exercise is needed to lose weight?

It's not precisely weighty news that activity is basic for shedding pounds. Alongside appropriate nourishment and a calorie-directed eating routine, normal action is a basic bit of the weight reduction condition-however what amount? On the off chance that you feel like the rec center has turned into your second home, or in case you're spending

I have an abusive father, I am too afraid of getting into a relationship because I don't want my spouse to end up like him, how do I get over this fear?

You start by getting to know someone first. Be friends, see how he treats people around him, how does he treat animals, do all that before dating.I did meet someone I thought was nice, but when we were alone it was a complet9 different person. Weird guy that I hope didn't

Are high divorce rates in the South US due to poverty?

According to Census Bureau Reports:"Divorce rates tend to be higher in the South because marriage rates are also higher in the South," said Diana Elliott, a family demographer at the Census Bureau. "In contrast, in the Northeast, first marriages tend to be delayed and the marriage rates