Does intermittent fasting work for fat loss?

By writing this I hope to show you exactly how intermittent fasting will work for fat loss. This is the exact method I follow, and use to melt fat off my body. I will show you exactly how you can use intermittent fasting keeping your growth hormone naturally high to burn the most amount of fat possible. Something I will add on here as kind of a bonus to burn even more fat. I'll talk about HIIT sprints a little as well.

This powerful combination I don't think a lot of people put into practice otherwise we would probably see a lot more ripped individuals. But I wanted to share it with you so you can start putting it to practice and melt that fat off your body.

First let's understand what is responsible for burning fat off the body and then we can jump into why this combination of intermittent fasting and hit sprints is so powerful for burning fat. The main hormone in your body that helps you burn fat is growth hormone. So it would make sense that we would want to increase that as much as naturally possible. The other hormone that is the opposite that stores fat is insulin. If we can keep growth hormone high and insulin low we can burn the most amount of fat possible.

Here is how these two hormones work. Every time you eat insulin spikes shutting off your fat burning hormone, but when you're not eating and not snacking all the time growth hormone is on the rise that way you can burn fat. This is why I like only having two meals a day. Sometimes three, one small snack before I work out so I have more explosive energy for my lifts in the gym. Making it so I only have two sometimes three meals a day gives me the best combination of keeping my growth hormone high and insulin low.

This ties into why intermittent fasting and hit sprints are so powerful. Intermittent fasting itself can raise your growth hormone up to 2000%. HIIT sprints can raise your growth hormone up to 700%. You don't have to take my word for it I'll link you to a video right here: What Boosts More Growth Hormone: Intermittent Fasting or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)? where Dr. Berg talks about both of these increasing growth hormone by those numbers.

How do I put this all together? My intermittent fasting schedule is very similar to the 16 8 rule. So I will fast for 16 hours and have an 8 hours eating window to consume my food. If you want a more simple way to think about it. You wake up, push your first meal back to noon or later. Then have your last meal at 8. Now if you don't want to follow the two meal rule I put for myself you can eat anytime in that 8 hour eating window. That gives you pretty much the 16 8 rule and the longer you can fast the better. If you only want to have say a 6 or 4 hour eating window more power to you. That's my intermittent fasting schedule.

Now where the HIIT sprints come into play and as I have already discussed they can raise your growth hormone up to 700% is after your workout. After your done weightlifting go to the treadmill, is what I like to use. There's an interval button on most treadmills you can set two speeds. Set a jog speed and a sprint speed. Once you have both those speeds set you can toggle back and forth between the two. What I'll do is 30 seconds of jogging then immediately after 30 seconds of sprinting. Going back and forth between the two doing HIIT sprints. There's really no limit on how many you should or shouldn't do. Anywhere between 5-10 jogs and sprints is fine you might have to slowly work yourself up to how every many you want to do. I also have a video explaining and show exactly how to do HIIT sprints on the treadmill I will link it here: How to do HIIT Cardio Treadmill Style (You're about to die...)

If you can combine intermittent fasting plus you're working out already and then also adding on HIIT sprints your growth hormone is going to be through the roof. The main hormone responsible for burning fat. There's no way you're not going to melt fat fast off your body.

If you want a video explanation check, How to Melt Fat Fast with this Intermittent Fasting Schedule and HIIT Sprints on my YouTube channel.

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