Does it always work out in the end no matter what you do?

Does it always work out in the end no matter what you do?

No, that is just wishful thinking. Something always happens but for many people that is far from "working out".

For example person A having trouble in a relationship with person B. Person A wants desperately for the relationship to work out. Often it doesn't. In fact we can argue most of the time it doesn't. Will person A find someone else? Maybe, maybe not. If they do find someone else will that person be as good as Person B was? Maybe, maybe not.

Things will happen and sometimes we consider the outcome good and sometimes it can be considered bad. But thinking that it will "always work out" in a positive light is just wrong.

The key is to learn to accept the downs in your life and move on. Do what you can to make your life positive through action not just hoping things will "work out in the end".

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here's the truth ...if you are balding in the crown you are f$#ked. one here looks like beckham or jason stratham. no one. we aren't super rich, tanned, ripped actors or sportsman. if you have tanned or olive skin then

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When I was 20, I was kicked out of school. The reasons were victimless and non-academic (I was more than a bit of a trouble-maker), and after much pleading, and making my way through the school's Honor Board system, it was reduced to a 2-year suspension. I think they were hoping that I'd move