Does it work to loose belly fat?

No, you can't really target areas of your body to burn fat.
First of all, 80% of your body composition is determined by how and what you eat. That means that excercise is ineffective for weight loss (however it can speed up the process a bit and at the same time make it more sustainable).

To loose body fat the most healthy way, without super restrictive diets that will only make you gain back the weight you lost when going back to normal eating habits, is to learn your body to use fat for fuel in a much greater extent. To accomplish this you'll need to restrict your carbohydrate intake to somewhere around 100–150 grams/day, or even less than that for quicker fat loss.

Since eating carbs gives an insulin response that will store calories that is not immediately used for fuel in your fat cells, eating less carbs will keep your insulin levels much more level without severe spikes. Carbs/sugar drives insulin response, drives fat storage.
So eating less carbs and more good fats will "teach" your body to use fat for fuel, both fat you eat and fat that is already stored in your fat cells. This will provide much more stable energy levels throughout the day as your body "unlocks" fat from your fat cells that otherwise is kept there due to high insulin response.

To become an efficient fat burner you will need to eat less than 150g/day of carbs (but preferably even lower) for three to four weeks. That's the time your body needs to "reset" and change its dependancy on carbs to fat. You will most likely experience an initial "carb flu", especially during the first week. But that will over time be exchanged with a feeling of high, stable energy and mood without being dependant on eating every third hour (or even more often).
During the process you will also experience a steady decrease in body fat until your body reaches its own "ideal body composition".
What's ideal for your body obviously depends on a lot of factors, such as genetics and lifestyle habits like stress, sleep and overall movement.

I recommend the book Primal Blueprint from Mark Sisson for a more deeper understanding, and hands-on tools for how to get started and what to eat.

//Jonas Drott
Primal Health Coach

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